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Jani-King International, Inc. is an American chain of cleaning service franchise. The company provides cleaning for public spaces such as offices, retails spaces, hotels, and stadiums. In 2001 it was the title sponsor of the NASCAR event at the Texas Motor Speedway now known as the O'Reilly Auto Parts 300.


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Regional Director of Development, Jani King of Nevada (Former Employee) says

"This company is the worst company I have ever been part of. The owner is not involved and has no clue how to go to work every day. You figure a owner does not know what to do because he does not do anything but gamble and eats. First hand acknowledgement on how bad this company is!! BEWARE!NothingOwner and management are not able to run a company!"

Environmental Services (Former Employee) says

"This company sucks here in las cruces new Mexico.they dont care about their workers.would do 14 hour shifts and only get paid for 8..only 7workers for 26 facilities.the pay sucked especially with all the things they wanted done.would not recommended this place at all..and then we dont have the proper equipment to clean the facilitys.NoneNone"

Industrial Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"The Jani-King on 23 Mile and Gratiot is the worst job I ever had they make you work overtime and they don't pay you for time and a half once you pass your 40 hours it's just straight $10 an hour no matter if you work 40 hours or 80 hours staying overtime every day I couldn't wait to quit that job"

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"All employees and managers are always fighting and talking bad about each other. Employees are a revolving door. Managers degrade and humiliate while corporate officials say & do nothing."

Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Older ladies who are happy one minute and psycho the next. The manager wasn't at the office much so old ladies who smelt bad and would freak out over simple training tasks."

FOOD safety certified / CARE CUSTODIAN CONTRACTN WORKER (Former Employee) says

"this could been a better work experience if they had mamagement that cared priscilla crowne was the worst manager/superivsor there was there was no balance"

Janitorial (Former Employee) says

"The good about this job was being able to work on my own time and had flexible hours . The bad was getting paid short on my checks and they were very unorganized and could never keep the same employees."

Janitorial Worker (Former Employee) says

"Working together as a team is very important , they have NO group efforts at all they’re all about themselves ! They act nice at first and then it’s a nightmare ."

Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"I bought a franchise from jani-king to have my own cleaning business. I cleaned offices and churches and the pay was not what I was told when I signed up. I barely made ends meet with this job and finally had to sell it."

Janitorial Worker (Former Employee) says

"You only got paid once a month and you didn't get any benefits or anything and they wasn't organized at all and they work you like a dog and you got paid less money then what you was worth."

cleaning / housekeeping (Current Employee) says

"definitely not a EOE company wouldn't refer them to anybody very unprofessional management will side with other employees talk about your medical records with your employees as well and then they will try and lay you off because its convenient to their time"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Fraud company who loves to underpay and have unqualified employee work for them. People working there are super rude and have no care for the others around them"

After hours cleaner, maintenance (Former Employee) says

"You get paid once a month. Not enough to sustain normal life and the boss i had was getting paid for increasing the work load but telling us the extra jobs that kept coming was just part of the contract. He hired illegals and would fire them and pocket the money. This company has no vetting on who they give a franchise to good luck."

OPERATIONS ADVISOR (Former Employee) says

"Jani King is a Family owned business and they only promote family in the business. They practice cronyism, and nepotism, this company treats their franchise owners like employees their franchise fees takes a fourth of their franchise owners profits. Not a healthy company to be apart of. I don't recommend any person of a different ethnic background to work here.You get a company carFamily ran"

Regional Director of Business Development (Former Employee) says

"Owner is only involved with the CEO. The CEO is beyond old and needs to retire. He can not remember what he says three minutes ago. Very sad no respect."

Night Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at Jani-King would be getting there and then having to find out what you're doing which takes about 10 to 15 minutes and then you're going to end up doing way more work then your job description lead on as well as cramming 6 to 7 hours of work into 4-5 but still need to stay busy or you get sent home jwithout all your hoursPaid only twice a month, emplyees and managers gossip about each other rules changed every shift"

Janitor and Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"was very tiring had to be there in the middle of the night, and the pay was unfair giving the locations I had to cover in one night were far away from eachother, it was unfair employment and I didn't get any benefits and would I have kept the job I only would have made 3.000 a yearnoneno breaks long drive not enogh pay exausting"

Owner/Manager (Current Employee) says

"No dont do it to yourself. They take your money and tell you you are a feanchise owner.... yea okay you are just an employee disguised as a franchise owner. Then they hit you with technology fees and fees here and there so you basically end up working for 40% of the pay while they pocket the rest.. dont do ir to yourself"

Janitor (Former Employee) says

"These people are horribly unprofessional verbally abusive and with held my hard earned cash the over worked me wher I had no time with my kids and then fired me for not having a baby sitterI’m outta thereEverything"

Janitor (Former Employee) says

"He goes through works faster than any other place that i know .P.S He will never give u a raise!!Also he will tell u what btime he will meet u& most times he's 10 to 20 mins late but if u are 5 mins late u don't work.Also it's all about him he does'nt care about u eg. My mom died & i phoned him & said i woulld need time off & he saidthatthatmissed more than3 days he would get someone to replace me"

Former Contractor - Franchise Owner says

"This company is as cut throat as they come. You have the ability to get your own contracts, but your franchising office has the ability to come and take those contracts from you. They also go behind your back to steal the contracts that you were given and they give them to franchise owners that they are friends with. Stay away from this company. they will take your money and contracts. You will be a glorified employee"

Former Contractor - Franchise Owner says

"Please do yourself a favor is like you're working for them they will rape you rather go solo than giving these pigs your funds"

Franchise Owner says

"they under bids on all their contracts the management is for them selves they are the worst franchise in Cleaning u work all these long hrs with pay you get for working minimum wage pay they only threat the people and they family better because the whole office is full of family members so I wouldn't dare recommend them to no one and they FEE'S are extremely high so to who is thinking about going this rout don't do it get your license bonded and flyers out and start your own don't mess with this Company bad business!!!"

Franchise Owner says

"Low contracts. Low support. High fees. They underbid the contracts so that you have to service them yourself or lose money. So you're basically their employee"

Current Employee - Franchise Owner says

"No support after hours if you have a problem with your client"

Franchise Owner says

"Failed billing resulted in non payment. As a franchisee we pay percentage for accoun ting. Cant even get that right. Hidden fees."

Franchise Owner says

"The main office starting with the CEO are very unprofessional people, very vindictive and greedy."

Franchise Owner says

"Everything they tell you is a lie! They sell you a dream to get you to put up your money. They are not not helpful to the franchise owners. Training is minimal. Not organized. Very costly!"

Former Employee - Franchise Owner/Operator says

"They lie about how much you will make They pray on immigrants telling my family we would make so much money We ended up working for under minimum wage and couldn't pay the debt on the loan we made We were worked to the bone"

Franchise Owner says

"Owners are worst. Bad Business ethics, Scam business policy because franchise owners buy the account from Jani king but Jani king can take it from you anytime and re sell it to others without the previous franchise owners knowing it., The management does not care about Franchisers."